Destination: Alaska

The great frontier of Alaska has plenty of room for visitors. 87% of Alaska is public land, and they like to say theyโ€™ve been social distancing since 1959. Heed the call of the wild with your Alaska vacation.

Destination: The U.S. Virgin Islands

Caribbean Islands offer tropical breezes, the sounds of steel drums, and outstanding opportunities for pristine beach exploring.ย The U.S. Virgin Islands are a short hop away and no currency exchange or passports are needed for U.S. citizens..

Destination: French Canada and New England

The northeastern part of America is a land of lakes, rolling mountains, and beautiful wilderness. This part of the county is ideal for a leisurely roadtrip. Explore quaint villages and sample the wares of farms and county stores. Fill your eyes with the blazing colors of autumn and breathe the clean, fresh air.

Destination: River Cruise

If you are ready for a water travel experience, but are not ready to embark on a journey with thousands of other passengers, consider the intimate and elegant alternative โ€“ a river cruise.

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